1. Every violinist from whatever country, being 22 years old or less at the beginning of the competition can take part in it.
  2. The first prize is indivisible. The second and third prizes can be ex-aequos.
  3. The entire repertoire must be performed by memory. It is not allowed to play the same repertoire in the first round and in the final round.
  4. The registration fee is non-refundable.
  5. The participants will play in alphabetical order. The letter with which the competition will start will be designated by draw. This order may be modified by force majeure. The participant must justify it and the jury will take into account their reasons, taking a final decision. The draw will be held by the Organizing Committee of the competition and will comunicate it to the registered participants as of June 15, 2022.
  6. Acoustic Test. The participants may try the acoustic of the hall the evening of the day before the competition (8 July 2022). Contestants who are not present will not be able to try it.
  7. The Jury may stop the performance of the contestant at any time without it meaning any kind of evaluation.
  8. The Competition has managed special prices at the Alixares Hotel in Full Board Regime. Obtain all the information on our website, clicking on REGISTRATION> ACCOMODATION.
  9. Study rooms. Those participants staying at the Alixares Hotel will be able to study in the rooms of the Hotel.
  10. All travel and visa costs will be responsibility of the participant. The requirements for obtaining a visa for Spain will be requested at the respective Embassy or Consulate. By previous request, the organization will send an invitation letter by e-mail.
  11. The Artistic Direction of the Competition may solve all those situations not contemplated in these regulations. In case of a mistake in the translation of these regulations, the Spanish Form will be taken as official.
  12. The enrollment in the Competition implies the acceptance of these rules in their entirety.
  13. The competition reserves the right to authorize the broadcasting and telecasting of the concerts and rounds of the competition, as well as the right to record on any musical or video support in favor of the competition.