June 1, 2024

Deadline for submission of applications.

The contestants in the different categories will act in alphabetical order, after drawing lots, which will determine the letter with which the competition will begin and from this, the corresponding alphabetical order will be followed. This order may be modified by force majeure. The candidate will have to justify it and the management will take into account his reasons, making a final decision. The result of the draw to be held by the Organizing Committee of the Competition will be communicated to the registered contestants as of June 15, 2024.

The exact schedules of the rehearsal with the accompanying pianist, acoustic test, and the start of all categories will be published on the website the 1st of July 2024.

July 6 and 7. Rehearsal with the piano accompanist for those participants who request it.

One hour of rehearsal per participant.

July 8. Acoustic Test and First Round

Infantile – Juvenile and Young Artist Categories

July 9. Final round

Infantile – Juvenile and Young Artist Categories

Announce of the contestants who must be present at the Closing Ceremony on the 9th to collect their Prizes.
(The Awards will NOT be notified until the Closing Ceremony)


  • Awards Ceremony for the Infantile-Juvenile and Young Artist Categories.
  • Recital offered by the First Prizes of the different categories.

This schedule may be subject to change.
Contestants must dress appropriately on stage (according to auditorium rules).